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Have you any friends or relatives that passed away so suddenly that the news shocked you and left you speechless for hours? I have and until this day, it was 5 times. My name is Chris. I started my own Advertising & Printing business back in 1997. Now with my two partners Martin and Sean (my brother in law) started this online store together.

 A few years ago Sean's elder brother (Mr Wong) almost died of a heart attack. He was saved by Dr. Eng Ji Bah. After the surgery, Dr Eng advice him to only use coconut oil for his cooking. He obeyed but was very curious. After months of research, he then decided on this journey of coconut oil business. Dr. Eng also wrote a book that describe the many benefits of coconut oil and what will happen to your Heart when use other oils. You can check out Dr Eng's info here.


Dr Eng Ji Bah's book benefits of coconut oil